Man’s remark about woman’s family brings her to tears

Jessica admits she and her family get a lot of stares for being a diverse family. So when she and her husband took the kids out one weekend to eat Jessica noticed an elderly man continually looking in their direction. Almost instantly, the wave of anger and annoyance hit her. Time and time again she found herself upset by all the stares she and her kids got. So when Jessica realized the elderly man was walking towards her family she braced herself to confront the man, soon being brought to tears when he muttered a remark she’d never forget.


The common understanding that the family is strong and compact only if the its members share the same genes and physical characteristics is slowly losing its popularity among people. We have witnessed that families that do have related DNA or genes fall apart and lives are being destroyed. There is, however, something totally different that keeps the families together.

Jessica Satterfiled and her husband proved just that. Families can be happy and they can enjoy the life no matter what’s the DNA code of its members. They are showing the world that being physically similar does not guarantee a stable and happy family.

 Jessica and her husband are parents of three healthy, happy and beautiful kids. They have adopted them when they were younger and now they try to raise them up into independent adults. They share everything and talk about various different topics. Like every family out there, they enjoy the life.

However, this family differs from the rest in one thing. The kids have different skin color than the parents. During the years, this skin color difference has caused many people to stare at them and wonder what’s going on. From time to time strangers will give them surprised looks and that sometimes puts the family in an awkward position. One such situation occurred while the family was out in a restaurant having their lunch.

All five members of the family decided to eat some burgers in a restaurant. While they were having a good time and enjoying each other’s company, Jessica noticed an old man staring at them. She began feeling even more uncomfortable when she saw the old man approaching them. To her surprise, the man said something very unexpected.

The old man shook her husband’s hand and said:

“I just wanted to tell you that you have such a beautiful family.”

This stunned them. They were left speechless when they saw the man, with tears in his eyes, saying such a good thing. Jessica nor her husband chased the old man, they didn’t  get his name, but this line of words shook their emotions. They will remember him for the rest of their lives.

The family is accustomed to hearing words of surprise and in all these years they have been stared at very often. This man’s compliment was something totally different. Unexpectedly, the man’s acknowledge of their success as a family made them very happy and proud.

Regarding her family, Jessica says:

“Families don’t have to match to be a family. What makes a family is their love.”

Jessica’s words are true. Love is the thing that bonds us and keeps us strong and united. The moment we lose it, is the moment when we realise that we are alone with no one besides us. That sucks!