Captain Catches Rare and Breathtaking Event While Flying His Drone Over the Ocean

This is all so beautiful and mesmerizing.


The oceans and the seas still remain mysterious places for researchers and people who love marine life. Deep sea hides creatures that look alien and in many cases creepy. We have rare opportunity to see what really happens in the seas and how the animals spend their days in their habitat.

Captian Dave Anderson gives us an opportunity to see how the aquatic animals enjoy their life. We are not going to see deep sea weirdly shaped animals, but very lovely and well-known mammals. Anderson uses his drone to show us the beauty of our seas.

Anderson uses his GoPro camera to film the sea from above. The footage begins in Dana Point in California and at the beginning it’s a normal sea view. Calm sea, small waves and few boats. However, very soon the camera captures a pod of dolphins. The dolphins slowly rise from the water and they peacefully move through the sea. The view is so adorable!

Dolphins are not the only animals captured on the camera. The GoPro camera is filming the waters around Maui, Hawaii. The footage the camera shot in this region is marvellous. Here, we can see a mama whale and her baby calf. Both of them are playing peacefully, while swimming side by side. The humpback whales’ social interaction is once again caught on camera. While the mother whale and the baby calf are having great time together, another whale is watching over nearby. What a sight!

Watch the video and enjoy!