Man Carrying Cross for Thousands of Miles to Grand Canyon To Share Incredible Message

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Different people understand God’s words differently. People interpret and act in a different way when they try to put in action the teachings of Jesus. Therefore, when Jesus taught us that every follower has to take up his or her own cross and follow him, he did not think of the actual cross, though.

However, Acie Burleson, understood this call literally.

This man became Jesus follower some 14 years ago. He and his wife are dedicated Christians and they have strong faith in Jesus and his teachings.

Very soon, Acie felt a need to build a physical, large, cross and share the gospel. According to him, he had a dream and a voice told him:

“Go and tell others about the returning of Christ Jesus.”

Acie started travelling across the country. He visited many places and the nation learnt about his spiritual journey. He was particularly noticed by the people when he started walking with a large cross.

He announced that on March 11 he will start the journey with the cross and he hoped that by the end of May he will reach the Grand Canyon.

He is persistent and doesn’t give up. Some people’s bad comments do not stop him to keep up going. He said:

“I love Jesus. That’s it. I just love Jesus.”

He also faced up with a street preacher, and Burleson said:

“I just told him that God loves him, Jesus loves him. I’m just doing my best to share the Gospel … As long as God’s Word got out, that’s all that really matters.”

There is another video of Burleson, recorded by Corinth Today. In the video he explains why he is doing the journey, and he says “because Jesus Christ is still good news.”

On April 29, he arrived in Memphis, Tennessee. There, he shared one story with Carolina News and Reporter. He says:

“There was a woman driving and she was just looking at me, so I waved like ‘Hello’ and kept walking. She then cut me off and is just falling out of her window weeping and crying,” He said. “Just like that crying and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh what’s wrong? What happened? Are you alright?’ and she said ‘I was one block away from killing myself and you stopped me.’”

He explains that while his journey lasts, he will not ask anything from the people. He will only accept what is offered to him. Therefore, people offered him rides, lodgings and support.

Besides spreading the God’s words, Burleson is also encouraging others to do a similar thing. One person that encountered Burleson was Steve Morgan. He saw Burleson near the Univierity of South Carolina campus and he says that what Burleson achieved is showing that we should not be afraid to talk about our faith in God.

He adds:

“I think today many people are afraid of it. They are afraid to say, hey I am a little bit different. This is what I believe.”

Nevertheless, Burleson has not reached his final destination yet and he does not know what will happen till the end. He says:

“Whether or not I stay there or go, I don’t know yet.”

Despite all difficulties, Burleson is dedicated to accomplish what he has been dreaming of. It is certainly not an easy task to do, especially since you carry a large cross on your back.

Faith and Jesus are central elements in this person’s life and we do hope that he will endure all obstacles and he will finally manage to achieve his goals.