Little Mila Sets The World To Rights About Airports And Security, And Has Everyone Laughing


Mila Stauffer, a two year old from Arizona was with her family of seven when they set out for Michigan, having no idea that it would get so complicated at the airport the family seldom got to do much without getting much unwanted attention.

So, going to the airport wasn’t an exception either, after all getting five children through baggage control was no easy task, but they did it. But, when the time came to go through security controls little Mila wasn’t prepared to go happily.

The second Mila’s family came home she needed to get off her chest about their experience. Talking into mom’s camera she tells us her opinion about long lines, security checks of her brother and the absolute lack of accessible bathrooms, she was not prepared for this at all, so much so that she just had to share!

When you’re an adult travelling is pretty hard, but when you’re a toddler it’s almost impossible and little amazing Mila had no time at all for it!

Mila explained exactly why she thought the security at the airport was so terrible, her mom was doing her level best not to let out a giggle, this little girl is not to be diced with!

Mila never has any problems speaking out and telling us what she thinks, and her mom captured it on video to share with us all, it’s gone completely viral!

Right at the end of the video Mila looked purposely into the camera and said, pointedly, that she has had it with TSA and “NEVER AGAIN” does she want to have that experience.

Unfortunately for Mila if she does want to fly again, with her family, undoubtedly she will be going to have even more experiences with them and of course we will be ready to hear all about it!

We have seen Mila rant about things before, but this time it’s really something we can relate to more so than any other time!

Take a little look at her rant for yourself in the video below. She’s so funny!