1 in 33,000 Are The Chances Of This Happening On The Birth Of This Baby Boy, Dad Is Amazed


Some people think of themselves as spiritual, some think of the world analytically, and some even consider statistics and patterns and how things are organized. From our daily circumstances, many of us seek inspiration and even the meaning of what we are doing, or is life just a collection of coincidences?

The birth of the beautiful Matthew James Eppard brought everyone together, on the 1st July there is going to be a great celebration for the Colorado family!

But the statistics show that the coming of baby Beauden’s birth show an amazing 33,000 to 1, 8 pounds 11 ounces was the weight of the little baby born on the same date as his father and great grandfather!


James Morrisette was brought into the world on 1st July 1931, and daddy to the little baby was proud Connor James Eppard born the 1sy July 1990.

Beauden was the third boy in four generations that was born on this exact date, and his grandfather Rik chose to blaze a brand new trail in 1963, on a birth date of the 9th December.

Rik and indeed everyone else too in this close group are over the moon about this new addition to the family, but what was even more amazing was that Beauden’s due date was scheduled, originally, for the end of July.

So what could have changed? Jordyn Eppard, Mom needed an emergency C section!

This C section procedure was the safest for baby in the circumstance, but proud daddy Connor has said, joking, that it was God’s way of keeping the family tradition.

first of July, Beauden Matthew James Eppard entered the world as a crying 8-pound, 11-ounce bouncing baby boy. Baby…

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Connor explained that considering the birth date was what helped them decide to give him the additional name of James, the full name picked originally was Beauden Matthew.

When the baby made his big entry on the 1st July it seemed fitting to honour Morrisette in this special, forever continuing way.

The birth date may well show incredible tiny odds, but the odds of little Beauden being loved always and forever are easily 100%.