Little girl gets angry with her dad for playing with her toys

This little girl's reaction is priceless!


Kids are awesome. They are the tiny creatures that add beauty to our existence, no matter if we are their parents, aunts or uncles, they always make our life complete.

What’s most, their sometimes naive actions can easily make all of us burst out laughing, just like the little girl from the video below. It doesn’t come as a surprise that videos of little children doing goofy things are the most watched on the Internet.

Well, this girl doesn’t want anyone to put their hands on her precious belongings; her toys. She probably has all the right because adults don’t let the little ones touch their things as well.

Namely, she’s in the other room when she hears her dad playing with her Maracas. She immediately goes to him and says “No!” She then takes them and places them on the couch. But, her naughty daddy takes them again and continues having fun, probably thinking of those careless days when he was just a kid himself. The girl gets in the room again and takes her toys, placing them a bit far away from him.

But it’s the third time he plays with the Maracas that makes the sweet girl really mad. Her reaction is priceless. She’s going to make you laugh. Check the whole thing in the video below.