Life Threatening Consequences From A Water Bottle In Your Vehicle, Warns A Power Company Technician


Plastic water bottles are so common nowadays and it’s incredibly important to recycle them responsibly, but who would have thought that it was so important to remove them from your vehicle, and your life may depend on it!

A man from Idaho learned his lesson when that fateful discarded plastic water bottle in his car didn’t just make the car untidy, but it can really cause serious damage. How possibly can a water bottle be so dangerous you say? After all isn’t water good for you?

Facebook/Idaho Power

That innocent water bottle acts just like a magnifying glass, it can concentrate the power of the sun into a fine beam of light that can start a fire frighteningly quick! All of a sudden you’re back seat or flooring are on fire, and when the fire starts it really is surprising how quickly it can engulf the whole car!

Idaho Power’s employee had a glimpse of this scarey experience and so the company decided to raise awareness and share the story on Facebook. Many people were not aware of this danger and the video has had 1000’s of views and 100’s of shares!

Facebook/Idaho Power

The technician, called Dioni Amuchastegu, was in his truck on a lunch break when he noticed smoke out of the corner of his eye, but he was unaware of the true gravity of the situation. As he looked carefully he saw the water bottle concentrating the sunlight to the point of burning the passenger seat.

Light was just shining through the driver’s side window and shone right through (the water bottle) and burned those two spots in the seat right there.

The seat was incredibly close to setting on fire!

Facebook/Idaho Power

The two burnt and blackened holes in the technicians seat show that without a doubt this unexpected accident was the result of simply leaving a water bottle laying in the vehicle.

Facebook/Idaho Power

Many people have commented about the Facebook post and this unexpected occurrence, before this I bet none of them had even considered this could happen, a water bottle starting a fire in your vehicle, who would have thought it right?

Facebook/Idaho Power

See for yourself that plain plastic water bottle really can cause a grave problem.