Let’s applaud this young savior with Down’s syndrome, who jumped in sea to save drowning girls

Young man with Down’s syndrome risks life to rescue girls drowning at sea – help us pay tribute


Acts of heroism and bravery are rarity nowadays. In the past years there are less and less cases where individuals have heroically saved lives or helped other people in great need.

Many people do not want to risk their own life in order to help an individual that is in a dangerous situation. Also, there are people who panic due to such events and their help is not provided.

Valerio Catoia from Italy is not like most of us. First, he showed the world that he is a real hero, and second, he is not afraid to risk his life in order to help the others.

Valerio has Down’s Syndrome, but that didn’t stop him to think rationally and build his body and skills like a professional swimmer.

He has been swimming since he was a kid. He trained a lot in order to achieve his goals. Led by that notion, he was even training for the Special Olympics, where he actually swam.

His bravery and skills were put in action while he was walking the beautiful Lazio shores. He and his father were having a wonderful time. However, something got Valerio’s attention – young girls were drowning near the shore.

The peaceful time Valerio and his father had was interrupted by loud shouts and calls for help. What was even more dangerous to the girls were the currents. They were being pulled back into the ocean. These girls, ten and fourteen years old, desperately needed  help.

Fortunately, Valerio was near them. Both, Valerio and his father, immediately jumped into action. They got in the sea, started swimming towards the girls and to their luck, the father and the son took them out of the sea.

Valerio knew very well the saving procedure. While he was swimming with the girl towards the shore, he tried to keep her head above the water. The girls were now safe thanks to the bravery of these two people.

As soon as the girls were safe, the lifeguards took over them. However, the real heroes of this saving operation are Valerio and his father. Without their help the girls’ fate would have been totally different.

People and media immediately acknowledged Valerio’s bravery. They recognized him as a brave and very good-hearted man.

We definitely need more people like Valerio. We need people that care about the others, that will do everything they can just to provide help and support to the others. Helping and supporting each other make us humans, we don’t want to see evil and selfishness in this world of ours. Bravo Valerio!