Internet Adores Man Who Blocked Traffic When They See Why

What an angel, I'm so glad this was captured on film.


People cruising down a very busy highway in Griffin, Georgia, were confused when traffic came to a standstill. It was raining, but there wasn’t an accident to be seen.

E’Ondria Weems was one of those motorists perplexed by the lull. Then she saw a man named Justin Jackson standing in the middle of the road, his truck parked haphazardly across both lanes.

Facebook/E’Ondria Weems

He had abandoned his big white pickup in the pouring rain and sprinted into the busy four-lane road. It took a moment for E’Ondria to realize what was going on.

An elderly man was attempting to cross the road. He relied on a walker and wasn’t moving terribly fast.

But the traffic was. Cars were zooming all around the man and no one stopped to let him pass on over to the other side of the road, Justin told 11Alive.

It seemed to be very dangerous! Justin couldn’t let anything happen to him.

“The old man was walking across the streets and people were flying by and I was like I got to stop.”

Facebook/E’Ondria Weems

E’Ondria whipped out her phone and captured the good Samaritan in action. She wasn’t the only one who couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“It was so nice of him to do that. Makes you think there are still nice people in this world.”

Her video has been viewed millions of times. People were praising Justin for his kind act.

The dad of five told 11Alive he learned to help others from his own father. Two of his children were in the vehicle with him and were able to watch their father lead by example.

“It makes me feel good because it’s obviously making other people want to do good, too. And that’s the ultimate goal – make everyone do good.”

Justin has been modestly shrugging off all of the compliments he’s received so far. He simply hopes that others are inspired to do the right thing if they encounter a similar situation.

“I just did what I would want someone else to do.”

Facebook/E’Ondria Weems

Watch Justin spring into action in the video below. What a great guy!