200 farmers stay quiet during auction so young man can get his long-lost family farm back

This isn’t just a story about family, though. It is also about a community and how people can come together when they see that it is the right thing to do.


When inheritance comes into question, many unexpected things can occur. Adults usually get the ‘more serious’ stuff, while kids usually inherit some minor valuable objects. Jewelry, expensive collections or pieces of art are usually what kids get.

However, Daivd and his family’s experience is totally different. They didn’t even expect to inherit a farmland of 80 acres.

David’s experience is very interesting and rare as a matter of fact. He comes from a  family of farmers. The family’s story is mainly concerning the loss of a huge land. One relative of theirs managed to take away a big piece of land in a very unfair way.

They lost the land years ago. The person who took the land, even though was their relative, didn’t think well to them. David and his family though their land would have never been taken back again.

David grew up hearing this story over and over again. The family’s goal was to reclaim the land and make their farmland whole again.

That opportunity finally came. David was in his twenties and together with his father decided to try to reclaim the land. Against all odds, they were convinced that somehow they will manage it. Regarding that, David says:

“Even though I dreamt of getting the land back for as long as I could remember, when the day came, I wasn’t ready,” he said.

The farm that was object of David’s interest was put for an auction. He and his father knew that there was a huge chance for not getting the land, but they wanted to try anyway.

The place of the auction turned out to be full of people who were interested to buy the land. There were some 200 farmers present, and most of them were more influential farmers as well. This was an additional reason for David’s pessimistic thinking.

The auction began and the bid was opened. David and his father wanted at least to open the auction and they relied on their luck. They opened the first bid. The judge called for a second bid and none of the 200 farmers spoke.

Everyone fell silent. .

This caught the auctioneer by surprise. He couldn’t believe that no one except David bid the auction. Therefore, he called for a break. After the break the same thing happened. No one spoke. Three times this has been repeated and no one participated the auction, except David.

The result was evident. David succeeded in making the farm whole again.

There was an explanation for this outcome and the bid itself.

David’s case was apparently known to the Nebraskan farming community. Everyone knew how his farm was taken by the family unfairly. Therefore, they decided to help him get back what was his own.

David recalls:

“I’ve had two profoundly humbling days in my life. The first was the day my son was born. The second was that unforgettable day at the Auction House,” he said.

The silence is very power in some cases. This story from Nebraska shows exactly that. The community came together and helped their friend or neighbour. They showed that joint forced can make miracles.

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