Historic pregnancy leaves everyone in the delivery room speechless

Woman thinks she's pregnant with twins, turns pale when doctor shows her the scan...


Oksana and Sergey, a couple from Odessa, Ukraine, had a daughter but hoped to have another baby. They believed that having two children would make their family perfect.

When Oksana fell pregnant, she could sense something was different than with her first pregnancy. She though that she could be carrying twins, but as no one in the family had twins before, she convinced herself that it couldn’t be the case.

“No one in our family had ever been pregnant with twins. I was sure I would never experience anything like this”, Oksana shared with the German news source Heftig.


Her pregnancy, however, developed into a shocking twist that left people around the world speechless.

When she went for an ultrasound, she knew something was going on a soon as she noticed the shock on her doctor’s face. He was about to deliver some incredible news.

“When I saw the shock on the doctor’s face, my heart stopped for a moment,” Oksana said. “Then I heard him mumble something along the lines of: ‘You deserve to have a big house by the sea…’”

Some moments after, he said, “I can see five fetuses, maybe six. It’s hard to tell.”


Oksana couldn’t believe what she heard. Was it really possible for her to be carrying that many babies? Well, it turned out it was. She was pregnant with quintuplets, the chances of which are 1 in 47 458 321 pregnancies.


“It almost felt like a nightmare, as though I would wake up at any moment,” she said she felt as she tried to process the news. “It takes time to process this kind of news. I mean, how would we manage to take care of so many children,” her husband Sergey said.

When she was in the 30th week of her pregnancy, Oksana was admitted to the hospital for a C-section. “They treated me like I was made of porcelain– they were extremely cautious,” she said of the staff at the delivery room.

The babies were born a bit prematurely but they were all perfectly healthy.

Daria, Alexandra, Denis, Vladislav and David became instant celebrities in their home country as they were the first ever quintuplets born in Ukraine.

Raising five babies all at once wasn’t an easy task, but Oksana and Sergey have been incredible parents to their “five treasures” and their older daughter.

Since the babies were born, the family moved to a bigger apartment.

Today, the quintuplets are 8 years old.

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