High school junior saves the day when he steps up and sings the National Anthem at sporting event

The person who was supposed to perform didn't show up so the announcer asked for someone to come forward and sing "The Star-Spangled Banner". That's when a high school junior stepped up and amazed the crowd.


People who are not accustomed to speaking or singing in public know how difficult it is. Amateur singers, actors and even motivational speakers are usually nervous and anxious just because of the close presence of the audience. Frankly speaking, that’s quite normal. Whenever you have to face up with a crowd you think about not doing a mistake or embarrassing yourself. However, Isaac Bryant does not quite agree with that.

The Division III District Wrestling Championship in Troy, Ohio for Isaac was suppose to be just a competition for showing of wrestling skills. The junior at Mechanicsburg High School has been preparing and training hard in order to be noticed on a sports level, but, he ended up being noticed by something totally different.

As he was trying to relax a bit before his match, the official announcer’s voice caught Isaac’s attention. The announcer informed the crowd that he was looking for a person who is willing to sing the National Anthem. Because the person that was supposed to sing the song hadn’t showed up, the organisers were left with no substitution for her. At that moment Isaac decided to save the day and step up. He sang the anthem and amazed the crowd.

Even after the competition closed, Isaac was still not aware of his actions and accomplishment. He explained:

“I was dazed and confused and I just thought they might just need somebody to do it.”

Luckily, everything was filmed by Mia Richardson’s camera. Isaac’s singing ended up on-line and in just a week his video was seen more than 550.000 times. Isaac’s performance during the competition was also noticed by the media. He and his parents even got interviewed by people like Steve Doocy or Brian Kilmeade. Isaac’s sensational action was even featured on Fox and Friends. This unexpected and spontaneous act gave him a fame-like status. However, according to Isaac, he would not be able to do it if it wasn’t for his friends support.

Fox and Friends, while they were interviewing Isaac, tried to find out more about Isaac’s singing skills. Regarding that, Isaac answered:

“I sing a lot. I guess that’s kind of a part of me. That’s what I do. I’m a little bit of a performer if you haven’t noticed.”

You can image his parents’ happiness. Their proud son was shown on national TV channels and featured in TV shows. As his mother says:

“ I was just so proud. We were used to the voice but I guess it was the heart he put into it. It brought tears to our eyes.”

His father does not hesitate saying good things about his son. He adds that he was not surprised seeing his son singing well since he knew his skills and abilities. Isaac has just confirmed that with his courage to sing for the nation.

That night marked Isaac as a brave young man. Reflecting his own feelings and views, Isaac thinks that TV shows and interviews are more stressful than the actual singing in a full arena. Hm, interesting. Do you think the same?

Take a look at Isaac’s performance below.

Hear the voice his family and friends are proud of with this video!