Doctors urge wife pull plug on husband, she kisses him instead.

After her husband suffered a severe stroke, leaving him comatose, doctors told his wife to let him go. But when she leaned down to kiss her husband, she couldn’t deny what she felt. Then, she covered his tracheostomy as stunned staff looked on in disbelief.


Scott and Michelle’s happy marriage was like every marriage out there. They were happy and enjoying life, doing their jobs and spending some quality times together. However, life prepared a shocking surprise for both of them, and for their lovely kids.

One day, Scott’s life turned into nightmare. While attending her classes, Michelle got a call that turned her life upside down. The news she got was devastating.

While Scott was staying home with their kids, he suffered a terrible severe stroke. That was maybe the worst piece of news Michelle got in her whole life.

Upon calling her wife, Michelle immediately called 911. About the horrible day, she recalls:

”He called me and he was slurring his words. He said he had an intense headache and that something was wrong.”

She remembers that day very well. The pain and the stress she felt cannot be described with words. She adds:

When emergency medical crews loaded Scott into the ambulance, his blood pressure spiked, causing fluid in the lungs.”

The stroke threatened Scott’s life. All vital signs were in a terrible condition. His breathing was heavy, the blood pressure was high and he started losing his consciousness. His wife described all of that:

It was just very, very bad. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about it.”

As soon as they reached the hospital, the medical team started working on Scott. Taking into account his bad health situation, the doctors suggested Michelle to call close relatives because he may not survive until the morning.

Additional reasons for such deadly outcome are his other health problems. Since his birth Scott had aneurysm. This, combined with the stroke, made the doctors believe his chances for surviving are minimum.

Michelle was devastated. Losing her loved one and the father of her kids was too much to bear. However, knowing her husband well, she secretly hoped that everything will be all right. Scott was a fighter and she believed her husband will win this battle as well.

The doctors were not on the same line with Michelle. They suggested her to let him go and say goodbye. They did not expect him to wake up after the surgery, especially not with that low level of oxygen.

Michelle did not do that. Instead of saying the last goodbye, she kissed Scott. Then, a miracle happened. Scott’s still body twitched and he kissed her back. That drastically restored her hopes.

This new situation encouraged Michelle to fight for her husband. She was trying to convince the medical staff that her husband will survive and there was no need to unplug the life support.

The miracle indeed happened. During the next weeks Scott recovered to that degree that he did not need the life support anymore. Soon afterwards, he woke up, feeling pain and helpless.
Michelle says:

“I covered his trach and he started talking to me. The first words were, ‘I love you,’ the second, ‘get me pain medication.’ Then, when the doctors asked him, ‘what are you playing?’ he said, ‘an instrument.’ The doctors started to believe in us.”

When the doctors learned about the new development and the unexpected conversation between them, they started believing in Scott’s fight. He spent 16 weeks in rehab.

Since Scott is a musician, music was the additional ‘medicament’ that helped him. The therapists and doctors very often used music and his instrument during the sessions. His strength and coordination was rapidly improving.

Scott returned home after the 16th week. Michelle described Scot’s mood as follows:

“He went in on a stretcher only moving his right hand, and he left walking with a walker with one hand in the air saying, ‘Rock on,’”

The caring wife provided support and help even home. Scott was never left alone and she gave everything she had just to normalise her husband again. Her spirit did not let her fail her husband, and apparently Scott never intended to leave his family.

For Scott and Michelle, the road to normal life was way too long. Nevertheless, she says with a smile:

“He’s playing guitar again. He plays the drums. It used to be he couldn’t swallow. He had a feeding tube for nine months, but now he can eat anything he wants.”

Luckily Michelle and Scott will continue living side by side, getting old and hopefully see their grandchildren running around their house.