She had to Stop Herself Screaming When She Found Out, Julia Is Officially A Working Girl!


A first job is a big deal, we all remember our first job, it’s memorable, it’s also the first time as teenagers we learn about responsibility too. Every teenager is excited about that first step out into the real world, right?

This one girl was especially excited about a first job, even more than most, she’s not your typical teenager though, she is hard working and regularly participates in within the community.

Source: Julia Hock

She also happens to be a varsity cheerleader too, as well as spending time helping at the concession stand too in the snack store of the little league, she is both driven and well achieved, also she has downs syndrome.

Source: Chris Potter

This girl had never let her special needs interfere with the way of anything she does. Recently Julia decided that she really wanted a job, to become independent!

So working for the Chick-fil-A was the most awesome and best way for her to do it, a great way to achieve her dreams of independence.

Source: Kerri Bass Hock

Julia had everyone’s support, and she applied for the job…

Julia’s mom, Kerri, said:

“Several kids at school wrote unsolicited letters of recommendation for her …and a couple of other kids helped her choose outfits and drove her to the interview.”

She practiced her interview technique and what she might say in the interview with her teachers, then two official interviews with the business too. Then, at last, she was ready to get an answer…

Her mom posted the phone call where she actually gets the decision!!

Source: Kerri Bass Hock

Julia answered the call, she said her name, her mom advised her a little on what to do when getting the call, she seemed to be really nervous, but excited to in finding out the answer…

Source: Kerri Bass Hock

Wow, she got the job, Julia’s face lit up when she heard the news. She even had to cover her face with her had she was so excited, her new employer discussed her next steps with her briefly too…

The whole family was eager to know, they had been waiting for her and they too were completely delighted for her too. Her brother, now the cameraman, showed the whole family and their excitement too

Source: Kerri Bass Hock

When Julia heard her when her first day of work would be, she almost started crying. This job meant so much to her, and she was finally able to add it on to her long list of accomplishments.

Her mom said:

“Julia Hock is a working woman! …After two interviews, lots of interview practice with her teachers, and a team of her friends helping her pick outfits and putting in a good word, Julia was hired. So proud of our girl!”

It just goes to show us all that with enough determination and persistence we can get the thing we want in life, just put in a little hard work like Julia!

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