Grandparents have no idea their son had twins

Watch how the son surprised the parents when he told them the truth about the twins.


A new baby isn’t only a blessing for the parents, but for the entire family. These sweet bundles of joy spread happiness and smiles, and everyone is eager to hold them.

The grandparents from this cute story knew that their son and his wife were expecting a baby, but they had no idea they welcomed twins.

Due to the current coronavirus restriction when no social contact has been allowed and the visitations have been limited to none, the proud parents decided to keep it a secret that they had two babies instead of one and then surprise everyone.

In the video below, we see the father presenting the baby to his parents. They are overly excited and can’t get their eyes off of the little one, but then, he enters the place once again holding the other baby in his arms.

Needles to say, they are surprised beyond belief. The proud grandma even asks if he’s holding a real baby.

This is definitely something you don’t want to miss. What a surprise! You can see the cute reaction in the video below.