Golden Retriever turns 20 years old and becomes the oldest living creature of her kind

We are all looking forward to Augie's 21st birthday next year.


No matter how old one gets, we have to agree that birthdays are always a joyous occasion.

August is a Golden Retriever who turned 20 years old on April 24, 2020, and she got the title of the oldest living creature of her kind. As for the celebration for reaching this milestone, well, August, or Augie as her family loves to call her, there was a dog friendly carrot cake, lots of balloons and decorations, and the closest family members.

A huge number of animal lovers shared the joy with Augie’s family and wished this beauty a very happy birthday and many more to come. As for her, she enjoyed the attention she got and all the treats she received from her human parents and the rest of her family. Of course, things wouldn’t be complete without the cat and the doggy siblings, Sherman, Belle, and Bruce.

When August first arrived at the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada, she was already a senior of 14 years. Knowing how hard it is for elderly dogs to find a forever home, the staff didn’t think this beautiful Goldie will ever leave their place. But that’s when Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt, from Oakland, Tennessee came into August’s life and knew she belonged with them. They had experience taking care of senior dogs and just wanted to make August’s final years worth living, not expecting that she will reach 20.

Many agree that it’s their love and devotion that affected this precious dog’s long life span.

August does face some health issues, mainly due to her old age, like mobility issues and long-term kidney problems, but she’s still very vibrant and loves being out with her family and her siblings. She enjoys spending time in the yard, taking walks around the neighborhood, playing fetch and swimming.

“There are many accounts of 17 or 18-year-old goldens, and even a few stories about 19-year-old goldens, but Augie is the first golden retriever to ever reach the big two-oh,” Jake from GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue said. He also added how the Hetterscheidts have been involved with their organization for many years.

We are all looking forward to Augie’s 21st birthday next year. She truly is one very special Goldie.