Single dad loses custody of his son and cries when the boy runs onstage after thrilling audition

This one's a real doozy for the heart.


When 26-year-old Joseph Whelan took the stage of the X Factor, no one expected so many hearts to be melted. However, no matter how great of a performance this father put in front of the cheering crowd, it was someone else who stole the show. 

The reason why Joseph decided to audition in the first place was to show his little boy that if you really want something you should never quit trying, because as they say, “once you give up on your dreams, what’s really left?”

Except for being a father to the cute four-year-old boy who is his biggest support and most loyal fan, Joseph is a tool salesman who has tried his luck in music playing in various bands throughout the years. 

After Joseph and his now ex-wife split, his son no longer lives with him, and that’s something this father finds heartbreaking. But no matter the circumstances, Joseph never stopped teaching his boy the true values of life. He wants to be the person the little one would always look up to, and that gives this contestant additional motivation to show his best in front of the judges. 

Once you see the way Joseph looks, a handsome young man with tattoos, your first guess would be how he’s a fierce guy, but he actually experienced stage fright.  

However, once he got rid of the nervousness, he took the audience by storm. Especially the ladies who cheered as loud as they could. 

No one really expected for such a powerful voice to fill the air. Looking at him in disbelief, the judges knew he got that X factor in him. 

But no matter how enchanted everyone was, the true fan was there in the backstage, keeping his tiny fingers crossed for daddy. 

The sweet boy can’t help but move in the rhythm. He is so entertained that he forgets the cameras are on. 

After Joseph’s performance came to an end, the most amazing thing happened. His son rushed to the stage and told his dad how he nailed the song and did a great job. This is way too emotional for Joseph to handle so he sheds tears of joy. And although some may say that’s not really a man’s thing to do, we believe it’s awesome when men show their emotions that way. 

Many people who watched Joseph perform and got to learn his life story say how he is one hell of a father. One person even wrote: “Every girl wants to be with him. Every guy wants to look like him.”

We really hope he’ll purse a career in music and will treat us with his powerful voice in the future. 

Take a look at Joseph’s memorable performance in the video below.