Golden Retriever Steals Back Her Plush Teddy Bear From The Washing Machine

Mom washed Golden Retriever's favorite teddy bear. Now watch what she's caught doing!


Same as little children, most dogs have a favorite toy too. It’s usually a teddy bear or another plush animal they can hug and chew on. The thing is that these toys have to be washed very often, which is a devastating fact for our four legged pals who refuse to spend any time separated from their stuffed friends.

The Golden Retriever from the video below just won’t allow for his mommy to place his teddy in the washing machine as she believes it’s a scary place for her friend to be. All that spinning around is probably not the best feeling and the Golden Retriever wants to spare the plush teddy from ‘the agony.’ What she does next is beyond sweet and will definitely put a smile on your face.

She undergoes a rescue mission and it’s all on camera.

“Our Golden Retriever is besotted with her teddy bear,” mom writes. “We setup a little sting operation to see if we could catch her on camera stealing it out of the washing machine…”I guess her teddy bear won’t be going into the dryer any time soon! Share this cute video with your friends and family.

No cleaning for this teddy bear this time, I guess!