Dad Has Easy Way To Stop Daughters From Crying

He claims it "works every time."


Parents don’t have it easy as they have to make sure their kids are entertained at all times, otherwise, they get angry easily and throw tantrums, pretending something huge is going on, although the reasons for their crying and screaming are most times groundless.

A Californian father found himself surrounded by his crying daughters, Georgia, 3, and Genevieve, 6 while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Were they hurt or in pain? No! The reason they thrown such tantrum was because their mommy went to the store to grab something really quickly.

It looks like the older sister is the initiator of the scene, and her little sis just follows and screams in line with Genevieve. Occasionally, the word ‘mommy’ can be heard coming from their mouth. Their behavior is too much for their dad to put up with so he comes up with a brilliant idea on how to make them stop.

This ingenious dad does something we should all learn from. He starts his own screaming and crying tantrum too and that leaves his daughters in confusion.

What’s most, it all turns into a sweet game where everyone takes turn to ‘fake cry’ for a while.

By the time it’s Georgia’s turn to cry, she’s no longer interested in doing so and just shakes her head in refusal while Genevieve seems to be into the game but her loud noises now turn into a quiet ones.

In a matter of minutes, everyone gets completely quiet and the tantrum is over. Now if you think calming the girls down was a pure luck, you might be wrong as the dad said how he did it before with his older daughter a long time ago and it worked every time.

In another video, Georgia could be seen crying her eyes out when dad steps in and takes his turn to cry. The girl then doesn’t want to do it when she’s asked to and refuses to join in the game. Well, that’s exactly what her dad really wants to happen.

This trick seems to work its magic because it gives the girls a time out to control their emotions after which they are not into crying any longer.

Take a look at the video below and consider trying this the next time your kids cry for no reason.