Little Girl’s Toys Kept Vanishing in the Middle of the Night, Parents Set Up Camera to Solve the Mystery

Someone was secretly sneaking into the girl's room during the night stealing her toys while she was sound asleep.


While growing up, young children experience lots of new things, among which fears of the dark or the freaky monsters hiding under their bed or in the closet. But this girl, however, is experiencing something more real and much scarier. Someone is secretly sneaking into her room during the night andstealing her toys while she’s sound asleep.


The parents knew they had to find out what was going on. They assumed their younger son was the little thief so they decided to take things in their hands and catch the ‘wrongdoer’ who left the poor girl terrified.


The Mosers decided to keep the girl’s room’s door locked so that her brother can’t enter and take the toys. However, when they realized that they toys kept vanishing they sort of panicked and decided to examine the matter even further.

What they did next was installing a camera that would catch the thief in action. It was placed on night mode so that they could clearly see how the toy bandit manages to enter the room.


The mystery is finally revealed, but in order for you to learn who the sneaky thief is you’ll have to watch the video and see it for yourself.

You’ll probably want your friends to see it too, especially those who have children or are planning to have in the future. Having them in our life is a real blessing, although they can be hard to handle at times.

Luckily for this family and their daughter, her toys are now safe.