Woman Shares Thank You Note to Stranger On the Subway for ‘Reading Her Body Language’

"I got on the 1 train here, and a man got on after me."

kasto via Deposit Photos

Many times, public transport is a place where different sorts of people are found to be staying together, as well as the place where many women experience the so called “street” harassment.

A woman gets to Reddit, the online platform where people share their stories and jokes anonymously, and talks about her uncomfortable experience and what a random guy did for her.

This user that goes by the name of strawberry_luv posted this under the name “Thank you to the guy on the subway who could read my body language’. This is a proof that not all heroes wear capes, some are just fellow subway passengers who know how to sense if someone’s in trouble.

“I got on the 1 train here, and a man got on after me. (this happens everywhere) I had my keys between my hands but barely noticable because this guy has been standing behind me the whole 6 minutes i waited for the train. (calling me baby etc,) I sat down and he sat over me holding the bar and I felt so anxious like throwing up so I stood up near a bunch of other people holding the rail.

Then this guy says to me ‘hey Lauren. you going to Jeff’s dinner party too?’ I was confused for a sec because he was staring at me and my name isn’t Lauren. it took me like 10 seconds to even realize what he was doing. i said yeah. and he said ‘perfect timing we can walk together. what stop were you going to get off on” and I told him. then he says look what Jeff texted me and handed me the notes app which had ‘are you ok?’ and he kind of moved to side so i could write in it. I told him this guy was following me.”

The kind stranger got off at her stop and made sure she arrived at her friend’s place safe and sound. As for the stalker, he just had to quit after he realized the woman was not alone.

She confesses how she panicked about the whole thing and then added how grateful she was for what this mad did for her.

“I am so thankful men like him are out there and aware of situations like that. In New York most people really keep to themselves so thank you very much Michael wherever you are. I am sorry I made you late but you were like my guardian angel.”

Walking the streets or taking the subway all alone can be a scary experience for a woman, so you should always have a tactic in case someone decides to start stalking you.

However, we are glad there are still men out there who would step in for a lady in trouble.

Have you or someone you know ever experienced a similar situation? Share it with us in the comments section below.