Foster mom abuses adopted daughter at restaurant while favoring ‘real’ son but a customer has had enough

This customer steps in after mom abuses adopted daughter at restaurant while favoring ‘real’ son


There are nearly 428,000 children in foster care in the United States. More than 18,000 foster kids live in Arizona, a state with one of the highest numbers of foster kids in the country. Most foster families are taking care and loving these children in need as their own. However, there are some families who are taking advantage of the system, taking the money, the state provides for the child’s needs and using it for their own purpose or for their other biological children instead.

In the emotional video below, a family of three are having their lunch at the Sugar Bowl restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona — Angela, the mother with her foster daughter Emma and her biological son Xavier. After moments of their arrival, people there started noticing how badly the ‘mom’ treats Emma while she treats Xavier very nice. She didn’t give Emma the same delicious food she gave to her son. When Emma asks for a sundae, Angela responded with a truly hurtful explanation: “He’s my real son and you’re my foster kid,” she tells Emma. Angela, even went beyond the unimaginable and threatened Emma to turn her back to the foster care if she doesn’t agree with her unreasonable rules!

luckily, there was an all set up experiment by the famous show “What Would You Do? All of Angela, Emma and Xavier are actors, but other customers weren’t. You have to watch their reactions to the woman’s poor behavior with her foster child. It’s been all caught on hidden cameras. You’ll want to grab a tissue box before watching this one.

Watch the full tear-jerking experiment in the video below:

If this social experiment proves anything, it’s that when we see children being harmed, we have the power to step in and make a difference!

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