Fifth grader finds wallet full of money – returns it back despite his family having nothing

Every act of kindness, no matter how big or small, always goes a long way.


Every act of kindness, no matter how big or small, always goes a long way.

Vince Hietpas is a fifth grader with a heart of gold. One day, as he and his dad Lorenzo were walking through the park, they spotted a wallet on the ground. They quickly picked it up and checked inside to see who it belonged to.

After they read the name and the address of the owner from the driver’s license, Vince found the house and rang the bell. He explained that he had found the wallet that belonged to 17-year-old Chase Dahlke. It was Chase’s dad, Jackson, who opened the door and took his son’s belongings. He had a couple of dollars and gave them to Vince for returning the wallet.

Source: YouTube/ abc

However, when Chase’s stepmom, Michelle, learned that someone as young as Vince did the right thing, she wanted to get in touch with him and his family and thank them in person for raising such an honest young man.

She posted online asking if someone knew Vince, and soon after, a friend told her they knew the family. They also explained how Vince’s father had COVID-19 and due to breathing problems and inability to wear a mask, he was left without a job.

Michelle wanted to do something nice for the family and decided to set up a GoFundMe campaign. In no time, over $9,000 were raised.

Vince was over the moon. He was praised for his kind act, but he simply said: “Doing the right thing is good.”