Everyone on the planet should see this one minute animal video

Probably the best animal video ever made!


Nothing speaks love and compassion louder than unlike animal friendships that light our days like sunshine rays on cloudy days.

The most watched ad of all time featuring different species sharing happy moments together reminds us of the beauties of life. We don’t have to be same in order to respect each other.

The Android ad spreads the message that says, “Be Together, Not The Same” through series of images between animals of different kinds that found friends in one another. So if you’ve never seen a dog and a dolphin swimming together, or a bear and tiger nuzzling then this is your chance.

We have to agree that Android did awesome job with their ad and really stood out. They showed us the core of our existence and inspired us to share love with everyone around us putting aside the differences in our religious beliefs, our skin color, or our social status.

“Friends Furever” will make your day as it did to the millions of people who got to see it.

This is definitely a must see. Get ready for your hearts to be melted.