Nurse Puts Dying Baby Next To Her Twin. She Gives Her A ‘Hug’ That Leads To A Miracle

The power of love is not a fairy tale.


All through time its human nature to dream of fantastic things and fairytales, oo at how popular Harry Potter was and still is, how her love protected her son Harry from certain death…

Seemingly enough through the power of love is not so much just a fantasy, the power of human touch is very often used in modern medicine too, in the US it saved a baby who was born prematurely in 1995.

Paul Jackson, a father had twins, they were born at UMass Memorial, they arrived 12 weeks premature and weighed just 2 pounds!

Jackson said the news (2013):

“The nurses in the NICU were very honest and they told me up front things looked pretty good now but the next 42 to 78 hours things could turn very quickly”

Source: Chris Christo

The twins quickly seemed to reach the age of three weeks old and Brielle was having difficulty breathing, her oxygen levels were dropping and her little heart was racing, she even started to turn a little blue!

The NICU nurse, called Gayle Kasparian, made a request to the parents to try something never before done…

It was going to change medicine in the US, she put the stronger twin, Kyrie, in the same incubator as Brielle to incubate them with skin to skin contact, also called ‘Kangaroo Care’ and also used as a technique with premature babies outside the US.

Source: Akron Children’s Hospital

Almost immediately Kyrie put her hand on sister in what the News is calling a rescuing hug!

Brielle started to quickly get stronger, her breathing settled and her vital signs were looking really positive.

Kasparian said:

“When I put Brielle in with her sister, it was amazing …She immediately calmed down. Her heart rate stabilized and her color changed.”

Before this happened for the first time in the US both twins and triplets were incubated apart, but these two twins historical twins changed all that for good!


Dr. Stuart Weisberger of UMass Memorial said:

“A lot of these things we just weren’t doing …We thought these kids were too fragile that you wouldn’t be able to do these things and now we do it not only with babies 28 weekers we do it at 23, 24, and 25 weeks. Even when they’re connected to the ventilator breathing machines.”

Both the beautiful twins grew up to be healthy and normal young adults, they are so close together, in fact, they are closer than ever before, sharing thoughts and able to finish each other’s sentences.

You can see more of their incredible story below: