Doctor Singing To Sick Patients Realizes Baby Girl Is Following Him

As the doctor walked from room to room performing for the patients, he couldn’t help but notice a baby girl curiously peering at him from the doorway. It doesn’t take long for him to approach the tiny tot, and what cameras captured next quickly went viral.


Little Sophia Romano Bueno is a lovely seventeen-month-old girl who spends significant amount of time at the hospital due to a rare form of an immune system disorder.  Spending that much time at the medical center and undergoing so many treatments can be both scary and boring in the extreme, but that’s not the case with the Ribeirao Preto Clinical Hospital in Sao Paulo where Dr. Paulo Martins works. He is really one of a kind and what he does for his patients is beyond adorable.


He thought it would be nice if the patients had some fun so he came up with the brilliant idea of entertaining them playing the ukulele. The moment Sophia heard a vibrant voice coming from the hospital halls, she immediately rushed to check who that was. The little girl caught wind of Dr. Martins amazing vocal skills and she was excited to see such an unusual instrument.

Sophia made sure she didn’t miss any of the tones he produced by following him from room to room, looking at him with a dose of admiration.


This little angel was patiently waiting for the doctor at the hallway with a glimmer of hope that he will dedicate a song to her.

Dr. Martins knew what the girl expected and it was fun how a grown up man could grow timid in front of a little girl. But that was because he didn’t really know how to play any kids songs and he certainly didn’t want to disappoint his most faithful fan.

That’s when Sophia’s father told the doctor how she loved adult music and asked for a song that Dr. Martins knew. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation as she couldn’t wait to show her frisky dancing skills.


Once the doctor burst into song, Sophia started dancing swaying back and fort while tethered to the IV pole. Besides her condition, she had a real blast and made everyone around as excited as herself. The hospital staff couldn’t help but gather around the lovely dancer. Seeing her stomping her little feet, wearing sweet pink shoes was the best thing they’ve ever witnessed.

Once the song finished, she encouraged the doctor to sing some more, and he simply couldn’t say no.

Thankfully, this amazing interaction was caught on camera so everyone could see it.


Thanks to amazing Dr. Martens, Sophia and the rest of the patients could put their worries to rest at least for a moment. We pray for Sophia’s health and hope she will manage to cure completely.