[VIDEO] Dad makes baby giggle. When the baby makes sheep noises, dad loses it

“You’re not a sheep. You’re a boy.”


Your time is the best gift you can give to your kids, because they grow up so fast and every moment spent with them is a memory to cherish forever.

This loving family definitely knows that making the kids happy is a number one priority. It’s amazing how much fun they have together.

Daddy and his little baby boy are staring at each other and both of them know that some good laughter is on the way.

Luckily, mom has her camera rolling and we get to witness the touching but funny scene.


The little boy finds his daddy’s voice hysterical, and whenever he starts speaking, the cutie pie lets a uniquely contagious belly laugh. This is definitely the funniest thing they’ve ever heard.

The boy simply can’t stop laughing, which is true for his daddy too.


The sweet sound resembles that of a little sheep. At one moment, the daddy exclaims in hysterics,

“You’re not a sheep! You’re a boy!”

With a laughter all of his own, his dad and mom couldn’t resist getting him to laugh as much as possible.


This is the sound parents could listen to all day. It’s a reminder they are doing things right, making their kids feeling satisfied and loved.

The siblings have a blast as well. They couldn’t contain their laughter either. This is all so adorable that it melts our hearts.


This cutie pie definitely made our day, and the way they all bond should serve as an example to other parents out there and remind them there is nothing more important than hanging out with your children.


Make sure you watch the video below, it’s really heartwarming.

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