Girl gets her hair done as a birthday present from mom – Dad chops it off as a punishment

Mom pays for daughter's highlights as a present for her 13th birthday. She had no idea that would make her ex-husband so furious that he would chop off girl's hair as a punishment!


Co-parenting can be one of the toughest things ex spouses experience. This is especially true if they had undergone a rough divorce and long custody battles. The reason why is probably because both the mother and the father believe they are doing parenting better than the other person involved in the upbringing of their child.

The sad reality is that this dysfunctional relationship between the parents affects the kids the most. Many times, what one of the guardians believes is the right way of raising the child, is unfitting for the other. As a result, kids are torn between the wishes of their parents that are completely different from one another. This pressures the child to choose between the parents, and that’s something no mother or father should ever make their children do.

Kelsey is a lovely girl whose parents are divorced. On her 13th birthday, she asked her mommy to let her dye her hair and get some highlights as a birthday present. Her mother, Christina Johnson said yes and Kelsey got her new looks.

A couple of days later, the girl went to see her dad and her stepmother. But little did she know that the visit will turn into a nightmare.

Namely, when Kelsey’s father saw his daughter’s new hairstyle he didn’t approve of it. What he did next? He decided to chop off Kelsey’s hair short.

This traumatized the girl to the extent that she didn’t want to go out or see her father again. She didn’t want her hair cut, but the father and his new wife did it by force, all because, as they said “actions have consequences.”

No one really knows the real reason behind the type of treatment the poor girl got. She couldn’t stop crying over the fact she was treated like that by her own father.

As for him and his new wife, they have both been suspended without pay from the firefighter department where they work.

Kelsey’s mother believes how they did what they did only to humiliate the girl. The case is now in the hands of the social services in Wood County who stepped in and are conducting an investigation.

We do hope that Kelsey’s father and stepmother would get the punishment they deserve for breaking this girl’s heart and disrespecting her will.