Creep stalks mom with 2-year-old daughter in store: He suddenly whispers “Say goodbye to mom”


We all remember some part of our childhood, and most of us and our siblings were not so easy to keep an eye on for sure, we wanted to run and explore, all over the place….

The babysitter really struggled too, but this is a quite common occurrence for sure, but at the grocery store that is another thing again, running up and down the aisles…

There have been occasions children are lost while doing the grocery shopping, and children a little older that can’t be found, could well be assumed to have gone home, where else could you look for them?

Times like these strangers often feel our pain and offer to help us, the elderly and wise among us are very often to the most sympathetic and eager to help us.

It’s a hard situation to be in, but when we look at the situation for mom Amanda Cropsey Florcyzkowski, of Texas, USA it’s even harder and quite scary!

This mom Amanda, in February 2016, was in a supermarket doing her grocery shopping with her little two-year-old daughter, then quite suddenly, heard the words “Say bye to mommy”…

This chilling experience rocked her to the core, the fear ran through her bone like shooting pain, its tankful she heard and realized what those words meant!

She reckons that the man and the woman stood at the checkout the ones who looked quite normal, had sinister plans to kidnap her daughter, and take her away!

We feel so relieved that the mom was a super mom, to realize that her family was about to be victims in a sinister crime.

It was only September 24, of 2018 that Texas was hit by another similar incident, where a mother was out shopping with her four-year-old daughter too.

Mom tried like all parent do to keep her eye on her daughter all the time, but just two seconds is all it takes for her to be taken that fast…

The police reported that a man and a woman tried to take the girl out of her mom’s shopping cart, thankfully a store employee saw what was going on and stepped in!

The couple slunk away and were not to be seen again…

Thankfully the little one escaped with no injuries, but of course, the police are actively investigating the incident!

Sometimes it’s almost impossible not to take your eyes off the children for a second or two and really sadly there are some who watch us for these opportune moments to pounce and make their move.

The key here is to educate children as to the real dangers around them, and what to do in those cases, about strangers and how to react…


They really do have to fight for their lives because they well could actually be fighting for their lives if they were to be taken, who knows what awaits them?


It was truly fortunate that one mom was saved by a really observant shop assistant, thank god there are some good people in the world!

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