Teen sees 11-year-old bawling at the back of the bus – finds out the truth and hands over his cash


That very first day of school is pretty scary for most kids, maybe also a little exciting for some too, but not knowing what will happen and what’s in store for you on that first day can be enough to freak any kid out, even the confident kids!

Getting to school has its challenges too, are they going by public transport that is, it’s a huge issue for one little 11-year-old boy who had his first day at a high school that was a real disaster for him.

Another boy, called Tom O’Brien, 15-years-old, was on going home after the first day back at Holy Family Catholic School, in Liverpool, in England.

He asked was asking other younger boys on the same bus how their first day at school went for them at their new school.

One boy, called Alex Furlong, had spent a nervous but exciting first day at the Holy Family School.

Tom was a thoughtful boy and he had not forgotten how that first-day experience felt, and in turn wanted to see that the younger boys were all ok about their first day, what a nice boy!

Tom was with two of his friends too, and they saw a boy, 11-year-old, that was crying at the back of the bus, Tom went to ask what was wrong?

He said that he’d got on the wrong bus and that he was heading away from home without a clue how to possibly get hole now.


Tom together with his friends knew that they had to help the boy, they got off the bus at the next stop with him and called him a cab, they even offered to pay for his journey home!

The local newspaper said that the cab driver didn’t charge the boy, he dropped the cash back off at school for Tom, yet another great guy!

“Faith in humanity restored a little today”

Alex was so happy and enthused about his day, the older boy Tom really was his hero, he just met him but already the older boy left a great impression on him.

His mom was really so impressed with Tom and his friends that she went straight to Facebook to write about it!

Tom’s sister saw the post and knew it was her brother Tom, she said:

“Ahhh everyone it was my little brother. I’ve just been tagged in this by a friend of mine who’s seen this status. We are so proud of Tom and it’s so lovely to know he’s a good lad in the outside world”

Photo courtesy: Kenny O’Brien

“What a wonderful young man Tom is and such a great example to these new students at his school.”

Please do pass this on and share it with your friends and family too, what a wonderful example to show and inspire others with!