Celtic Thunder delivers beautiful performance of Hallelujah

It's no wonder everyone in the audience had tears streaming. By then end, so did I.


The music industry offers a large variety of musicians and music genres. The battle to stand out in the music industry and make from yourself a brand is very difficult one, particularly due to the strong competition. Many musicians and singers try to achieve their goals by producing conventional music works. However, there are musicians who take totally different approach in conquering the music stage. An example of such unconventional approach and style is the Irish group the ‘Celtic Thunder’. This group with their style and theatrics, amazes the crowd and amuses us with something very fresh and interesting.

‘Celtic Thunder’ are promising music stars not just because of their style of outfit, but also with their fantastic vocal skills. This project is made of the ‘Celtic Thunder Band’ and the vocals. Together, they make people have a fantastic time with excellent songs and performances. The Celtic Thunder’s repertoire is impressive. From local folk songs to contemporary pop  music hits, the group amuses everyone. This time, their performance of ‘Hallelujah’ is just fantastic!

Like them or not, we have to admit one thing – this group got all out attention with their uniqueness. The competition in the music industry can be very harsh, but with the quality and the performances ‘Celtic Thunder’ offers, their position is not under threat. The performance of ‘Hallelujah’ starts very softly. The musical instruments are followed by the opening lines of the song and that deserved a huge applause. The performance of the song was simply perfect. The clear voice of the singer and the energy he emits while he sings leaves no one indifferent. The emotional overflow among the crowd is evident.

However, the performance is getting more interesting. Two more singers join the first one. The perfectly synchronized voices and the excellent emotions they emit is rewarded with another applause from the audience. However, ‘Celtic Thunder’ would not have been unique if they did not add something special to the performance. The  well planned choreography and the drama they planned make everyone feel special.

As it is expected, people’s reaction on ‘Celtic Thunder’ is positive.  They spread very positive energy across the audience and their skills make their performances true piece of fine art. No wonder why people enjoy listening to their songs and watching their performances.

Play the video below and enjoy this performance. If you are not able to go to one of their performances, do not worry, at least you can enjoy with their music on-line. Enjoy!