Carpenter lives frugally his whole life, spends his savings to fund poor students’ college

After he passed, 33 young strangers received the gift of a lifetime. Unbelievable.


Many people live by the belief that every single day should be spent like it’s their last and spend all the money they earn on luxury and good stuff. There are also those who live frugally and believe in saving money for some better times. One person who belonged to the latter is a man named Dale Shroeder. Those who knew him describe him as a thrifty man who earned his fortune by hard work only. 

Shroeder worked as a carpenter for the same company his whole life and managed to save a lot of money. In fact, when he retired he had $3 million in his bank account. 

He wasn’t stingy, nor mean, he was just used to the life of saving. 

But then, the question that bothered him was where he could spend all the money he earned throughout the years. Unable to clarify his thoughts, he decided to contact a lawyer and ask for advice. 

The lawyer told him that in case of his death, everything he had would go in the hands of the government because he never got married and didn’t have any children or relatives. 

This humble man didn’t like that idea only because he was convinced that the money he had could be used more wisely. 

When asked by the lawyer why he even saved that amount and didn’t actually spend it on things he liked, Shroeder shared with him his life story.

It turned out that this man’s family was very poor and he never got to attend college because his parents couldn’t afford it. That’s when he promised himself that he would do everything in his power to give his kids the chance to go to university. Sadly, as he didn’t have any children, he had no idea what to do with the savings.

The lawyer, however, knew exactly where the money should be spent. He told Shroeder that he can set up a fund for kids who desperately want to continue with their education but have no chance to do so because they simply can’t afford it. Shroeder was thrilled by what he heard and his answer to that idea was a resounding yes. 

The scholarship fund was activated after Shroeder’s death in 2005 and from that moment on more than 33 students from his home town were given the chance to attend college and make their dream come true. 

Among all these young people is a girl named Kira Conrad. She comes from a poor family with just one parent and three sisters. 

Kira always wanted to become a therapist but she knew that wasn’t possible despite being an excellent student. 

Just when she quit on her goals, someone called her on the phone and told her that Shroeder’s foundation is covering the expenses of her studying. She was over the moon and couldn’t believe that because of a man who passed years ago she will be given the chance to pursue the career she always dreamed of. 

The only condition the beneficiaries of Shroeder’s fund should fulfill is put some money aside for other children in need once they become successful people. We believe that’s fair enough. 

Take a look at the whole story of the man who restored our faith in humanity. Rest in peace Mr. Shroeder, you are a hero and an inspiration.