Guests at Canada’s ‘Great Bear Lodge’ Got to Witness Mesmerizing Creatures Getting Out of Water While Having Their Breakfast

The guests couldn't possibly know they were about to witness something so mesmerizing.


Vacation is great and all, but have you ever ate hotel breakfast while watching over some humpback whales?

In Canada at the Great Bear Lodge, lucky guests got to witness this special breakfast show.

As they sat at the lakeside for breakfasts, bubbling water next to them shocked the guests.

But what were they doing there in the first place? A whale studier (cetologist) explains they were using an eating strategy.

“They’ve chased a school of fish into that cove. They get it nice and concentrated, then blow bubbles around the school, like a makeshift net. Then several humpbacks dive below and surge to the surface all at once, mouths open, eating gigantic amounts of fish. It’s a typical hunting technique that humpbacks use.”

Either way, these beautiful giants had the guests ecstatic. Two even high-fived each other after seeing it. To be honest, I probably would do the same.

The whole thing was pretty amazing, check it out for yourself in this video!