Burn Victim Visits Orangutan, His Reaction Takes Everyone By Surprise


Darci Miller had unfortunately suffered traumatic and severe burns back in 2015, but stepping forward to when she met an orangutan, thankfully someone was filming for the world to see!

What is completely amazing is that when Rocky the orangutan met Darci for the first time, he knew exactly how he should react. Orangutans are incredibly intelligent and very good at reading us humans and our emotions.

After many surgeries Darci has received over the years she has had many white knuckle emotional experiences, but she has learnt that getting motivated and out of the house, especially as a burns survivor, is not just necessary, but absolutely vital for her emotional well being.

So, with this in mind she and her fiancé joined each other together at the Indiana Zoo for the day with the two great bonuses of Exotic animals and the glorious sunshine could it get any better?

As it happens Darci had no clue that she would have an experience that would completely change her life outlook forever.

The very second Darci entered the orangutans exhibit, Rocky, being so curious, came straight over, and seemed to be very interested in the bandage that covered Darci’s neck and shoulder.

Then things took a turn that really was astounding, Rocky pointed to the area, curious, like children would be curious…

Hesitating at first Darci wondered if the orangutan had some level of understanding that she had pain there, under the bandage. Rocky was insistent so Darci slowly peeled off the bandage to show Rocky under the bandage.

I think that this really does show that primates like Rocky really do understand more that with think!

See the amazing and emotional video and feel the compassion and intelligence that orangutans can show, see the expression Rocky shows.