Boy selling food to earn a living is ambushed by bullies who slap and throw him to the ground while recording it

The group of bullies surrounded the poor boy and laughed as they filmed him struggle to get back on his feet.


This story contains graphic descriptions and video content some readers may find disturbing.

Stories of bullying always cause rage at us. Schools and governments have to find a way to cope with this huge problem that affects many young children, as well as adults. Being a victim of bullying can result in low self-confidence and many other issues that may never fade away.

This is the story of Rizal, a 12-year-old boy who triggered compassion from many people after a video of him being bullied emerged online. It reached to the government of Indonesia and Rizal is finally getting help after suffering long time of abuse by bullies, among which a 26-year-old man named Firdaus.

Rizal comes from a poor family from a small village in Tala District, Indonesia. He and his two brothers are doing all they can to help their parents make ends meet. Rizal rides a bike and sells fried food, but he’s often confronted by the bullies who not only offend him, but beat him too.

The video that was taken on May 17 by the bullies themselves, show them ambush Rizal and throw his food after they surround him and make fun of him.

Unable to defend himself, the poor boy falls on the ground as the bullies continue to call him names and slap him.

The full videos have since been taken off Facebook.

“The victim suffered abrasions on his hand because he was pushed by the perpetrator,” said Ipda Sofyan, Ma’rang Police Chief, Detik News reports.

The case gathered national attention and a great number of people appeared at the Sector Police Station to show support to Rizal and his family after the bullies had been identified and taken to the station. “We have already submitted this case to the Pangkep Regional Police for further proceedings, because there were a crowd of residents and victims’ families in front of the Ma’rang Police Headquarters,” Sofyanto said.

TribunNewsmaker reported how a member of the Indonesian Parliament, Dedi Mulyadi, contacted Rizal’s family and offered support. He said, “Although often bullied, Rizal never complained. He remained strong to help his mother sell jalangkote, I am very sympathetic to what he is doing.”

Members of the community gathered together and got Rizal a brand new bike. He’s getting support from all over the country and we honestly hope he will never experience any form of bullying in his life.