Woman Swims into Sea, Gives Birth in Front of Tourists

What an amazing thing to witness!


Creating a new life inside your body is a miracle itself, and giving birth is one of the most cherished occurrences any mother can ever experience.

Many mothers-to-be are terrified by the though of getting into labor as they know the pain of giving birth can be unbearable. For that reason, they are taking yoga classes that would teach them how to relax and breathe properly, which would hopefully lessen the pain that comes along with the process.

Most women, of course, give birth at hospitals, in the presence of doctors and midwives. But there are also those, who are either more courageous or maybe more adventurous, and decide to have their babies at unusual places such as at home, in a bath tube, or even the ocean.

Recently, a woman gave birth in The Red Sea and stunned not only the tourists who witnessed the miracle of life, but also people from all around the world who got to hear her story.

According to witnesses, the family was from Russia and they had their baby in the town of Dahab, Egypt.

The Red Sea is the expanse of water that separates North Africa from the Middle East and it has one of the warmest, yet saltest waters.

The mother was accompanied by her partner and an older man who was probably a doctor.

When they first heard someone screaming in pain, the tourists thought a person was attacked by a sea predator, but they soon realized what was really going on and gathered around the mother-to-be.

You have to admit, the waters of The Red Sea have to be the most unusual maternity ward ever, right?

Once the baby was out, the doctor took it in his hands while the woman’s partner carried the placenta. Oh, what a sight that had to be.

The crowd cheered and congratulated the new parents on their bundle of joy.

Still in shock by what they saw unfolding in front of their eyes, they left the mommy and daddy to spend some time with their baby alone.

The two took the baby in their arms and cuddled for some time.

No matter how cool it looks, doctors warn mothers-to-be to give birth at hospitals, as the sea is not the best place for a newborn to be welcomed.

According to doctors, many mothers opt to give birth out of the hospitals, but it has its downs. “Even in the presence of a medical professional, an ocean birth could be harmful,” doctors say.

But, many young moms are ignoring the warnings, so sea and ocean births are becoming a trend in recent years.

If you are by any chance considering such birth, please consult with your doctor and beware of the risks it brings.