Boy Gets On Bus Crying, Bus Driver Stops Him And Has To Take Action!


We all know that Washington is well known for its cold weather, it is after all quite far north, so in Kennewick its exceptionally cold too. Getting deep into the winter months it is really important that parents help their children stay warm. Not all families have the money though to spend on a hat and gloves each year, especially as kids grow out of their things so quickly!

A bus driver from Kennewick, John Lunceford, saw this as a problem up close and he wanted to do something about it and help the kids who can’t afford clothes they need to keep warm this winter!

He first saw this happening one time he stopped at the ‘bus stop’ to pick up some kids. There was one boy in particular who got on the bus crying. His ears and his hands were red, from being exposed to the cold so he let the boy use his own gloves.

He said to the little boy that it would all be OK, but really he was quite concerned, he didn’t like the thought of any kids going without warm winter clothes, what a nice guy!

Source: Kennewick School District Facebook

After he finished his work for the day he thought up an idea, he was determined to help! To make sure the kids could actually keep warm when outside it was so incredibly cold he went to the dollar store. He bought several pairs of hats and gloves in black and pink.

He revisited the school where the boy was who he helped earlier, he didn’t know the boy’s name, but he found him anyway! He gave the boy a pair of gloves and a hat, so he wouldn’t be cold again. Lunceford is a grandpa and it really touches him deeply to see such suffering!

He had plenty of hats and gloves left over, and he now wanted to give them all to children who needed them. He planned a trip to the school Library to talk to the children, he said he would give them hats and gloves that they needed them.

Source: Kennewick School District Facebook

There was one girl who was very excited about a hat and gloves!

All the kids at Kennewick School district now know that if they need warm clothing for the winter, there is one lovely guy looking out for them! He told them all he would take care of them if they needed help!!

For many families its hard to even put food on the table each day, let alone afford gloves and hats, boots etc. ….all the things needed for the winter months! If the kids were left to get cold they would be sick for sure, making them even more behind and disadvantaged at school!

It’s really so essential that they have these things to stay happy and healthy and educated and that is why this lovely bus drivers contribution really was so special, many children really do feel special and cared for by what this wonderful guy has done.

Not surprisingly the bus drivers story has gone viral and people on the internet are talking about how inspiring this guy really is, and we completely agree!!

Facebook user Shelley Maglio said:

“Amazing role model to all.”

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