After Birth Of Their Healthy Baby, 6 Weeks After Feels Something Wrong, Doctor Does An Ultrasound


Ben and Eliza Curby found out they were going to have a baby around three months into their dating, of course, they were in a panic but equally excited too! They always wanted to start a family and this great news meant it was all coming to fruition!

Their adorable little girl was born, Charlie, as healthy as a horse, but as the weeks passed by, Eliza couldn’t stop feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

Eliza shared her lovely love story, she said:

“We fell pregnant with our first, Charlie, three months after we started dating!”

“Ben had always been super keen to become a father so we were over the moon at the thought of creating our own little family.”

“Needless to say the decision was taken out of his hands – I win!”

She really enjoyed being a mother, it was her dream come true, Ben too was so happy about their lovely daughter. However, despite their happiness, Eliza still sensed something a little off.


The girl and young mother thought that she may be pregnant again, she was tired all the time! But only six weeks after the birth of her last child she just thought that her tiredness was due to her crazy busy year. Starting a new relationship, having a baby, it all took its toll!

She said:

“I was exhausted trying to figure out the ins and outs of being a mum, but about a month after having Charlie though I felt really, super exhausted…Everyone told me it was sleep deprivation catching up with me but I was not convinced – I remember looking at Ben and saying, ‘I think I’m pregnant.’ “

Ben…. “He just laughed.”

They already had a super busy house with a newborn baby so another seemed just practically impossible!


Eliza was really convinced that she really was pregnant again, around four home tests later she got the result that confirmed her thoughts, she was, in fact, pregnant again!

The next thing to do was to get to the doctors to really make sure that the test wasn’t wrong, but as sure as eggs are eggs she was pregnant. Even more than that, yes there is more, there was another surprise…

She told the news:

“The technician seemed awkward and uncomfortable, before he finally said, ‘Look, it’s early days…. but… I think there’s two.’ “

That’s right folks, there really was two!!

“I was so scared but secretly super excited – I think everyone has a secret desire for identical twins.”

Twins usually run in families, but for there to be identical twins, it’s not heard of at all. It took a good while for all this to register….


Thankfully for Ben and Eliza, their twin boys went all the way to term, to 36 weeks without any problems at all.

The two boys were born and named, Jack Antony Richard and Wolfe George Harry, they were lovely and in perfect health, everyone was thrilled with the new additions to the family circle.


Even with other young children in the house, the couple wouldn’t have it any other way, what a wonderful couple!

One great way they look at how things turned out is, it’s just like they had triplets, constant diaper changes, pacifier hunts and breastfeeding bonanzas and that’s Eliza’s day every day, rinse and repeat!

Now Eliza even has her own blog called “twingenuity” she shares what life is like under their crazy, loved-filled house!


There is nothing at all that could have possibly prepared them for the challenges that were ahead of them, with those three amazing children, however, we couldn’t be any happier for them all!