Little Girl On Santa’s Lap Says 4 Words That Makes Everyone Cry!


The armed forces fight to protect us and look after us in times of conflict too, but having a Loved on in the forces is a mixed blessing. On one side you’re incredibly proud of what they do, but also you are also immensely worried about them and their life they are laying on the line for those ideas they are protecting!

We pray for them every day and hope they are returned to us safely, one little girl really didn’t quite understand what was happening when dad was shipped off to Afghanistan.

She knew that daddy had gone and she just wanted him to come home to her. Santa Claus had asked her what she wanted for Christmas, her first thought, of course, she wanted daddy to come home.

As soon as she perched herself on Santa’s knee she immediately said; ‘I’ve been a good girl’ and that’s why I’m asking for a special present this year…

It had been months since her father was around and she wanted Santa to bring him home to her from Afghanistan. Of course, Santa is the only one that can do something so huge!

Santa with his jolly smile and happy aura telly Kensley to turn around and that there is somebody special that is waiting for her…

Right now Kensley has no idea what is happening or who is waiting for her, but this is a surprise that will blow little Kensley away!

Dad will remember this special moment forever, the look on Kensley’s Face was priceless and for Kensley she will look back on this moment with fondness and appreciation. What a momentous reunion between father and daughter and how altogether sweet!

Have a look for yourself at the touching reunion of father and daughter below.