Born At Two Pounds, Mom’s Baby Girl Defies All Odds

Francesca was born weighing less than 2 pounds and she still looked like a fetus. Doctors never anticipated this 9 months later . .


Victoria Bradley was eager to become pregnant and bring a beautiful little blessing into this world. So imagine her joy and happiness when she discovered she was expecting!

But just 24 weeks into her pregnancy, Victoria knew that her pregnancy journey would be highly unconventional. It wasn’t until her visit to the hospital that she learned her pregnancy could possibly be devastating if her daughter was born too early.


It was an emotional pregnancy, one that shook Victoria to her core. She was nervous and anxious not knowing what might happen to her precious baby.

Victoria soon gave birth to her tiny girl. The doctors said she would likely not live.


Mom named her sweet little blessing Francesca. She had no idea that her tiny two-pound baby was about to become a miracle.

Francesca’s arrival was so early that just two days before birth, she could have been aborted. Though her drastically early birth was a shock to Victoria and the doctors, Mom held on to hope.


Watching her, Francesca’s tiny hands and feet made the nurses marvel. According to Victoria, she said that just looking at the delicate little body, she couldn’t believe it was her daughter.

Mom held on tight to her little girl as she watched her fight through multiple surgeries and medical procedures. She cradled her skin-to-skin, which is recommended for preemies to help with bonding and their health.


The sheer amount of physical struggles that occurred during the first months of Francesca’s life makes it hard to believe she could one day thrive. But after months of illnesses and recovery, wait until you see her now.

Francesca is a fighter and she doesn’t even know it yet. But since day one, she has been an inspiration that the odds can be defied.


The video below shows Francesca’s unbelievable recovery that will lighten your heart!