Batman walks 3-year-old bullied girl to nursery after teachers don’t address the problem

Batman to the rescue!


We all know that bullying can negatively affect the victims, sometimes even for life. The sad reality is that not much is done for it to be put to an end at the educational institutions around the country, where it probably takes place more often than at any other place.

Sadly, bullying is also present in nurseries and kindergartens, among children aged 3 and 4, and even younger.

Facebook/Erica Adrianne Calculli

Erica Calculli from Florida noticed how her 3-year-old daughter was getting more and more nervous with each passing day. The bubbly and smiling girl started losing her spark and that worried Erica a great deal. Shortly after sweet Lydia’s behavior changed, Erica learned the horrifying reason behind the girl’s unhappiness.

Namely, Lydia came come with bruises on her face on several occasions, and the girl confessed she was bullied at the nursery school. One day, she also had a bruised eye. “She told me that “a bunch of girls and one boy hit her and a girl threw a shoe at her eye,” Erica told local news station WTSP.

Facebook/Erica Adrianne Calculli

Erica spoke to Lydia’s teachers, but nothing seemed to change. That is when someone special stepped in, someone known as The Dark Knight in the neighborhood. After Erica wrote about her daughter’s problem on the social media, Jack Asbury responded. He knew Erica from before and was more than lucky to dress his Batman costume and take Lydia to school to see if anything will change.

Jack works as an EMT and sometimes wears his Batman costume to cheer up the children from the community.

I made a new friend today. This is Lydia. I was heart broken when I saw her mothers post she was being bullied in…

Posted by The Batman Of Spring Hill on Wednesday, 28 August 2019

When Lydia’s peers saw her entering the nursery walked by Batman, they were both shocked and stunned. He told the kids that Lydia was his best friend and that he would come and visit her again.

“Lydia got a surprise visit at school from The Batman of Spring Hill,” Erica wrote on Facebook. “I really hope she’s more comfortable at school now, and I can’t wait to talk to her when she gets home.”

Posted by The Batman Of Spring Hill on Thursday, 29 August 2019

Luckily, the visit was just the right thing to do as the rest of the kids accepted her and even started calling her their best friend.