Baby Girl Makes Everyone Cry When Dad Sings “You Are So Beautiful To Me”


There are some moments that are just amazing in life, the moments that really make life worthwhile. This is one of those moments and it’s really impossible not to smile in moments like these!

Dad decided to sing a lovely song called “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker for his lovely daughter. As he sings to her it’s completely clear, she is so happy!

At the tender young age of two months old, it’s really rare to see a tiny baby like this smile for long periods like this. She’s still and calm and quiet and not flapping about like usual at all, she just looks deeply into dads eyes and listens to his voice…

If your a parent already, then you will know that the best part of having kids is the joy they bring you. You can see how she reaches out to his face as she giggles for dad, it’s evident that this dad loves his little girl. The best part of all is as she stares at him with such admiration.

See this lovely display of affection: