Autistic 11-year-old shocked a college class when he walked to the whiteboard and did this

Wow! That's quite impressive!


Autism is is a lifelong developmental disorder that can make it very difficult for the person to communicate and socialize with other people. Despite the serious disability, these individuals can reveal some impressive talents and strengths.

An 11 years old boy with autism showed his incredible drawing skills when he drew an all-inclusive and detailed world map depending merely on his memory. The happening occurred when a New York professor invited the talented boy to one of her classes where he got up on a chair and drew the accurate map.

One of the students couldn’t help and took pictures of the incredible artistic work. His father then posted the pictures on Reddit.

No matter what difficulties communicating or interacting autistic children can struggle with, they can show some amazing talents that we all of us should support and encourage.

Her son was able to draw the entire world map on the whiteboard from memory.

The drawing is very detailed. It shows small islands, peninsulas, and every continent is appropriately spaced.

He even labeled everything!

This is doubly impressive due to the fact that most full grown adults couldn’t draw a full world map without a cheat sheet. Autistic people often have very literal and photographic memories that the rest of us don’t. This 11 year old is a good example of the capabilities of autistic people.

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