Son sends Willie Nelson song his 92-year-old mother wrote. Her reaction when he sings it is priceless

She never though Willie Nelson would actually sing it.


The saying ‘Never give up’ turned out to be completely true for the 92-year old Lyndel Rhodes. This lady became quite famous in the ninth decade of her life. Her love for the music brought her the happiness she was dreaming of.

As an amateur musician, she was playing instruments and writing songs for her own pleasure. Recently, she wrote a song named ‘Little House on the Hill’. However, what she did not know was that the song will bring her enormous happiness.

Lyndel’s son Buddy Canon is a record producer and upon hearing the song, he got in touch with Willie Nelson. Very soon, Buddy and Willie gave Lyndel the surprise of her lifetime. Upon hearing Willie’s voice singing her song, she was more than happy. She was also glad to find out that Nelson actually loved the song.

Lyndel and her family are music lovers. They have been especially into country music. She was introduced with this music genre since she was very little. She now recalls her father playing the banjo.

However, Lyndel was especially fond of harmonica. She became very good harmonica player. In the past she has recorded even a CD with old time songs and tunes, performed by Lundel herself. She never thought that some day she will be in touch with an artist like Nelson. Now, she is proud to say that she is the author of a song adored by Willie Nelson.

Take a look at the video and see this wonderful old lady.