10-year-old girl lost her life after rock crashed through car’s windshield

"Heaven gained the perfect angel today."


A young life was taken away in a bizarre accident which took place on July 26, in Idaho, when a semi-truck accidentally kicked up a rock from the road. The 4-inch rock then flung through the windshield of another car and struck a 10-year-old girl who was sitting at the passenger’s seat.

The girl’s father, Brad Horsley, immediately drove his daughter, Kambrie, to the Oneida County Hospital in Malad. Shortly after she was admitted, she was transferred to the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, but unfortunately, nothing could be done. Kambrie lost her life and left her parents and her five siblings mourning her loss.

As reported by Idaho State Journal, prior to the tragic incident, the rock which killed Kambrie had been dislodged from the roadway. The police tracked down the driver of the semi-truck but he had no idea a life was lost that day.

After thorough investigation, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office determined that there was no wrongdoing involved in the events that led to Kambrie death.

Kambrie’s family described their Kam Kam as a sweet and loving girl “so full of life and love and always up for an adventure.”

The obituary, published on Horsley Funeral Homes, read: “She was always playing with someone’s child or talking to an adult she had just met.

“She loved all animals and was always happy to care for a new one. Her happy countenance shown about her always and she gave everyone the best hugs! Kambrie sped through her short life with such drive and intensity modeling love and inclusion in all she did.”

The devastated father who witnessed his girl losing her young life shared his heartbreak on Facebook and wrote just how much he loves and misses her. “Heaven gained the perfect angel today. She was the best all around girl,” Brad wrote. “I don’t know what I’ll do without her… Thank you for your thoughts, texts and prayers. Love my Kam Kam… Can’t wait to see you again. I’ll Love you forever. I know I’ll see you again!! Please continue to pray for us. This family will need it!!! She was the BEST. Families are forever!!!”

Rest in peace, Kam Kam.