Zoo staff worried panda would reject cub until motherly instincts kick in

The moment she understands that it's her baby is so sweet and touching. A mother's love is a mother's love no matter what the species.


The connection between a mother and her baby is the strongest there is. From the moment moms learn they are expecting, the love for their little bundle of joy grows more and more with each passing day. The same goes for animals.

When a panda named Min-Min gave birth, the staff at the ZOO needed to run some tests on the baby. Typically, the baby should have stayed with the mother right after birth, but in this case, zookeepers had to check on its welfare. They were aware that taking the little one away from the mother could affect their bond, but they simply needed to take the risk.

Source: YouTube/ BBC

As they made sure the baby was fine, they were ready to put it back with its mama.

“In these early weeks, panda mothers don’t leave their cubs, even when they need to eat or drink,” National Geographic explains. That is because baby pandas are completely helpless right after birth. They are blind and unable to regulate their body temperature on their own. On op of that, they don’t know how to crawl or hold themselves up. The little ones can’t poop or pee on their own either.

This is why everyone prayed for Min-Min to accept her baby.

Source: YouTube/ BBC

When they placed the little one in Min-Min’s enclosure, she showed little interest in it. She ignored the baby and turned away from it.

But after some time, Min-Min’s maternal instinct finally kicked in. She approached closer, took her baby in her mouth, and carried it over to a corner where she started cuddling it, making a mother and baby bond for good.

Source: YouTube/ BBC

Watch Min Min’s heartwarming reunion with her cub in the video below!

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