Young woman caught on camera with act of kindness to blind man

Not only did she not realize someone was watching her, it also was posted online.


The kindness we offer to those around us is what makes this world go round.

When they spot someone in need of help, some people simply turn a blind eye. Others, however, go the extra mile to step in for the person in trouble.

A young woman named Casey Spelman, who works as a speech and language pathologist for the deaf at an Indiana school, belongs to the latter.

Without being aware that someone is a witness of the kindness she offered to a complete stranger, she did what she believed was the right thing.

Source: YouTube/ WRTV Indianapolis

Namely, she was visiting some friends in the Wrigleyville area and attended a Chicago Cubs game. Once the game was over, she headed home and that’s when she noticed a blind man waiting for a cab. Looking at the crowd, she knew it would take quite some time for the man to find what he was looking for so she approached him and said: “Do you want some help getting a cab?”

The man, who was later identified as Yusef Dale, an assistant U.S. attorney in Chicago, was happy to accept the offer. “He said, ‘Yeah, you sound pretty, so cabs will probably stop for you before me,’” Casey explained.

Source: Facebook/ Ryan Hamilton

At the time she tried to get a cab for him, another person, Ryan Hamilton who was on a rooftop near Wrigley Field, witnessed the situation and decided to snap a photo of Casey and Yusuf that he later shared online.

“Wanted to give a shout-out to this girl. No idea who she is, but we are in Wrigleyville on the rooftop of Old Crow Smokehouse. There was a blind Cubs fan trying to hail a cab for several minutes until the lady came up and asked him if he needed help hailing a cab. She stood there with him until one pulled up. Awesome to see such kindness in a world that the media portrays so much hate in. Share freely in hopes that her kindness spreads,” Ryan wrote in the caption.

Before getting inside the cab, Yusuf gave Casey a hug as a thank you for her kind deed.

Source: Facebook/ Ryan Hamilton

At the time, the young woman was unaware someone was watching her.

“I didn’t really think much of it at the time,” she explained. “It was after a Cubs game and it was still pretty crowded. I thought, ‘Man, it’s going to take him a while.’”

Casey also added that she hopes her action serves as a positive lesson for others.

What an awesome lady Casey is.

For more go to the video below.

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