Young girl begs for massive ship to honk. 9 million have watched her regret it immediately

This is too funny! I can't stop laughing at this.


Young children have a lot on their mind. They are constantly thinking of what toys to get or what game to play next. However, many times, those ordinary pastimes become pretty boring so they are looking for some other ways on how to have fun. But what happens if they do get what they wish for? Will that make them happier? Well, judging by the girl from the video below, kids, as well as adults, need to mind what they wish for because it may come true. 

Vilma is a sweet girl from Sweden who is fascinated by big ships.

She enjoys watching them sail in and out of port. This time, she was standing at the edge of a pier, looking at the ships when she wished to get one honk. Her mother filmed her doing her best to make the captain notice her. From doing the international hand gesture for a truck or ship to honk that resembles pulling the rope of a bus when we wish it to stop, to making the sound of the horn herself. Her mother is having fun watching her daughter trying to make her wish come true. 

The sweetest thing of all is when beautiful Vilma makes this funny “toot toot” sound. She’s perfectly aware no one would listen to her doing so, but she simply won’t stop trying to catch the captain’s attention and get the honk she loves to hear so much. 

Her persistence finally pays off and the massive ship treats her with several loud and long honks. Now one would think this would make Wilma happy, but her reactions is surprisingly quite the opposite. 

It looks as though she couldn’t imagine the sound would be so loud. She definitely wasn’t prepared for what she got, so she quickly turned around and started running towards her mummy who couldn’t contain her laughter. Vilma’s wish failed to live up to her expectations, and the outcome is quite hilarious. At least she knows what to expect when she does that “toot toot” next time. 

Take a look at this girl’s reaction in the video below.