Young children chase down their brother’s kidnapper

The siblings knew they might be in trouble when the stranger approached and tried speaking to them.


Having a sibling means having a best friend for life. The bond between brothers and sisters is one of the strongest ones and growing up by their side means you will always have someone to turn to and trust no matter how hard things get.

One brother and sister proved this to be right after they prevented an evil man from kidnapping their baby brother.

22-month-old Owen Wright, eight-year-old Delicia Wright and 10-year-old Brenden Wright were having fun time running around the park near their babysitter’s home in Sprague, Washington State.

At one point, their game was interrupted by an unknown man who approached the kids and tried to engage in a conversation with them.

The oldest siblings were pretty aware that they weren’t suppose to speak to strangers, so they avoided any contact with the creepy man.

However, he wasn’t about to step back and tried to convince them how he used to be a babysitter himself and that speaking to him was fine.

Delicia and Brended could feel they might be in trouble, so they asked Owen to get into the stroller. But it was then that the man pulled the boy from his stroller and started running away carrying him in his arms.

Brave Delicia and Brended started chasing the kidnapper. They just couldn’t allow him to disappear with their little brother.

The kids struggled to keep up with the man, but the thought of losing Owen kept them going.

Sadly, they got way too tired to continue running, but quick-thinking Delicia stood in the middle of the road and started screaming as hard as she could.

Luckily, her plan of getting the attention of the passersby worked as two teenagers realized what was going on and started chasing the kidnapper.

As soon as he realized he would be caught, he dropped Owen and fled as quickly as he could. What was most important was that the toddler was saved from the hands of the crazy man.

Andrew and Isaac, the teenagers who helped in the chase, said how they knew the kidnapper. He was in fact a 15-year-old boy who attended their school.

This information was more than enough for the police to track him down and bring him to justice. Currently, he’s in juvenile detention.

After the incident, Delicia admitted that she was terrified the whole time while she was running to save her sweet brother, but that didn’t stop her from doing all she could to get him back.

If these children didn’t show bravery, who knows what would have happened to Owen.

He is one lucky boy to have siblings who love him to the moon and back and who would do anything for his well-being.

You can take a look at the chase in the video below.