Toddler looks like Pennywise from It after applying hair removal cream on her head

When people tell you that parenting isn't easy, trust them.


When people tell you that parenting isn’t easy, trust them. At the period of their life when they are very young and unaware of the consequences of their actions, kids should be closely watched by their parents. When they reach their teen years, things can turn even harder as children this age tend to be stubborn and act as they know everything.

All in all, moms and dads out there should always keep a close eye on their children no matter how old they are.

Maisie Saward and Eva, 18-month-old sisters, got themselves into trouble, and what Maisie did went viral in the blink of an eye. Namely, their older brother, Ollie, left the baby gate open and the sisters found themselves in the bathroom the next minute.

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While on their little “adventure,” curious Maisie managed to reach her dad’s “hair gel.” Or at least she thought it was that. In fact, she covered her head with Superdrug Hair Removal Cream.

When their dad, Luke, noticed them, he rushed to give Maisie a shower. Well, he should have removed the cream from her hair instantly, but he believed at the time that giving her a bath was a better idea. Until she got in the bathtub, around 10 minuted had passed, and it was enough time for that cream to do its job, which is to remove hair.

Luke was shocked when he noticed that his little girl went bald after her long bangs fell off.

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When Luke called his wife Kristy to tell her of their daughter’s “problem,” she had no idea how bad things were until she got home. “When I got home, I was just in pure shock. She came and gave me a cuddle and I just cried for an hour because I absolutely loved her fringe [bangs],” she told Metro News.

Kristy was mad at her husband, but she eventually saw the fun in the situation.

Once their story, along with Maisie’s photos, went viral, people said she achieved a hairstyle similar to that of Pennywise the Clown from the Stephen King horror story, It.

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“Me and Luke felt a bit of a failure for not keeping these things out of her way, but once I’d realized these things happen when you’ve got kids, we felt a bit better about it. Parenting, especially with twins, isn’t easy, and if this makes even one other mum feel better then that’s great.”

Kennedy News & Media – Tyla

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